Thursday, November 19, 2009

(photo: Christine and Retian her husband with my mother and me)

I have been in France for over two weeks now . I believe I came at the right time as my mother can no longer live alone as her health and strength is deteriorating rapidly . On Friday a couple came all the way from the Netherlands to visit her . Over twenty years ago, Christine had received an invitation to a Billy Graham Evangelistic campaign in Paris . The stamp of Fondary church in Paris was on the back of it so she decided to go to the church . When she arrived at the church, my mother came and sat beside her and spoke with her . Christine explained she wanted to go to the campaign but did not want to go alone . Mum told her she would go with her . To cut a long story short, they went, Christine made a decision for Christ and my mother mentored her and discipled her . This visit was very heart-warming . She said that sometimes, she would call my mother at 3am when she was struggling .

Veron phones almost everyday . Recently, the Bible college minibus was stolen - a disaster as it is the only vehicle to transport students for school and weekend ministry . You can imagine the

prayer warfare that took place . The following day, while Margaret the dean was teaching, a call came: the bus had been found in front of a Police station in Kingston ! What a miracle!

Stolen buses are usually scrapped within hours but the Lord protected the bus!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

(photo: Claire preaching on her last Sunday)

The church organized a surprise meal for us . It had been planned for a later date but they wanted to give me a send-off before I left for France. We felt cocooned in love .

(Photo: Carlton who has been helping us in the ministry for thirty years giving a tribute.)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On Monday, we had a distribution to over 80 schools and churches but since then, the phone has not stopped ringing . This morning, Charmaine, the coordinator for a NGO who helps children with disabilities phoned to say that although she along with the other teachers have been laid off, parents are still calling her, crying out for disposable nappies and food . She was also very upset because a child had been injured because an untrained person had made her exercise.

We have given her our last bag of rice along with a box of toothpaste and adult nappies (the only ones we have). It is heartbreaking to think of all the families who are already struggling so much and now the only help they used to receive is gone . We thank God that at least we had something to give .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yesterday was a joyous occasion for Vincent. He was baptised along with two ladies . Praise God!
Alyssa was in church and came to hug me. She asked me: "Are you going to help mummy take care of me" in a tiny little voice . Veron and I had already discussed it . Of course we would! God always provides!
As the twelve men from FFP are still camping in the church, two of our women cook two meals every day for them. They count it a joy!For the past three weeks, our people have been bringing bags of groceries for the men . The church is learning to be a giving church!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

On our way home, Veron received a phone call from the FFP builders who had started a new house that morning (they normally do two a day) .The foundation of that house was not correct either . However the builder who was with us admitted it was he who had built it . He had thought that the little verandah would look better in the center with a window on each side, totally forgetting that the FFP houses have a standard design . He was most apologetic and promised to correct it asap . He even decided to come with us to view the construction .

When we arrived, while the men did some builder's talk, I chatted with Vincent, the 78 years old man who was the beneficiary of the house. He has been attending the church for a couple of months now and has got saved . Last Sunday morning, Veron had asked those who were in pain or who were sick to make their way to the front for prayer. Vincent came because he had been suffering from for 5 months from severe pains in his hip . As soon as he was prayed for, the pain left and has not returned . He did a little dance to prove it! Praise God! Vincent will be baptised tomorrow!

What a day (part 1)

What a day! Since my return from Europe , I had telling Veron that I wanted to see some of the newly-built FFP houses and I finally got my wish!
(photo: Suzette's house -the nice side of it)

By 7 a.m., we were off to meet a builder who was going to correct the foundation of Suzette's house . Because it had not been built according to the plan, and it was not level, the FFP builders had to prop up part of the building with pieces of wood . Normally, they would not have built it but Suzette is such a desperate case that Veron had assured them that he would see to the correction .
Anyway, on the way, we collected Suzette and headed for Braes River where the house had been erected . Our builder estimated the cost of the material necessary to fix the foundation to 200 pounds ! We left Suzette there, for her to collect as many stones as possible to fill part of the foundation. (to be continued)

Tragedy has come to Suzette's family. The father of her 11 y.o. daughter died in hospital on Thursday . The child support money he gave weekly for his daughter Alyssa had helped to feed Suzette, her sickly husband and five children .
Alyssa, who is deeply grieving the loss of her father and provider, has not stopped crying . A bright and mannerly child, she was looking forward to taking her exam to enter High School and now feel that everything has collapsed around her .
Today, when we met Suzette, I was encouraging Suzette, reminding her that the Lord will make a way for them . I know that the church family will rally around her when we meet tomorrow .
(Photo: Alyssa on a happier day)
Please pray especially for Alyssa and her future .